NWE Academy

NWE Academy, a subsidiary of Nord Welding & Engineering AS (NWE) and a Norwegian-based institution, is a renowned global provider of inspection training courses and examinations tailored for both in-service and new construction equipment in the Oil and Energy sectors. With a strong focus on enhancing the competency of inspectors at various levels, NWE Academy delivers comprehensive inspection courses in strict compliance with the International Standards.” Here is the title of some of courses:

  • ORI (Oil Refinery Inspection) 
  • GPI (Gas Plant Inspection)
  • PIMS (Pipeline Integrity Management System Course)
  • FFS (Fitness For Service Course)
  • RBI (Risk Based Inspection Course)
  • VIT (Vendor Inspection Training Course)
  • Repair of pressure parts based on API and ASME PCC-2
  • Rotary Equipment Inspection Training Course
  • Valve Inspection Training Course
  • Raw Material Inspection Training Course
  • Introduction of Non Destructive Testing Methods
  • PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection Training Course)

Our Training Courses

Oil Refinery Inspection Course

Gas Plant Inspection Course

Pipeline Integrity Management System Course

Fitness For Service Course

Risk Based Inspection Course

Vendor Inspection Training Course

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