NWE has continuously and successfully operated in the mentioned fields, shows our team are enhanced and experienced for NWE services, which ensures the quality of our services and customers satisfaction.

Our multidisciplinary team formed by well-educated and experienced engineers and technicians whom are located throughout Scandinavian countries and Europe, enabling us to act as your independent eyes and ears, wherever your suppliers are based in.

This extended experience in the mentioned fields shows our services are agile & reliable. 


Our highly qualified and experienced personnel, together with our cutting-edge innovative technological centres, allow us to offer solutions to meet all needs – from the most standard to the most advanced. We guarantee rapid and flexible responses , wherever in the world our clients are based, and we are recognized and approved by all the key industry bodies.

Professional inspection services are critical whenever the custody of goods transfers between buyers, sellers and traders. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of inspection services in Oil and Gas industry to verify the integrity of equipment. Routine inspection of equipment on oil and gas processing drives equipment reliability throughout the operation. The oil and gas industry bring a distinctive set of challenges for our client. As reserves diminish and product demand fluctuates, the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of support services becomes more critical than ever, through our engineers and inspectors we can ensure regulatory compliance of our client’s request that are used throughout all stages of the project life cycle delivered by technical experts that include oil and gas and hazardous areas. From the reservoir to the refinery and beyond, our team is committed to anticipating and meeting your quality, safety, compliance and performance needs with consistent and reliable assurance solutions. Our qualified inspectors are outstanding in test performances in different fields.


NWE is an independent marine survey and cargo inspection company, servicing the international commodity trading community.

We offer a comprehensive range of inspection services to the shipping and offshore industries. NWE team is equipped with the latest communication, measurement and sampling instruments. Our skilled inspectors have a vast experience of offshore services and operations, along with the industrial knowledge to provide technical support. Our field service inspectors have a full knowledge of facilities and the products in use the capability to programme an appropriate inspection plan based on API, IACS and ISO standards and project specifications.


We offer a full range of inspection services for On and Offshore assets. We provide for the increasing demands in the green energy industry and we have developed integrated service packages that include full project management, quality support, expediting service delivery and consultancy.

To meet this demand, a multitude of our experienced inspectors are capable of being in fields such as: wind turbines and solar panels, in order to check and increase the quality, and to ensure their effective operations. Furthermore, we can inspect all parts of a wind turbine and solar panel, from the concrete base on which it stands, to the very tip of its blades and all the mechanics in between. Each survey which we undertake is carried out in a way which prevents most risks to inspectors and minimizes the time in which the turbines and panels are out of operation. The renewable energy industry is continuously growing, especially with the increased integration of renewable solutions in all the other industries. This growth naturally constitutes in additional compliance and security challenges.